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18ct White - For Belts size up to 52"

18ct White - For Belts size up to 52"
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18 Count Deluxe Mono Canvas - cut for belts

Each strip is 5" x 54", allowing for Belt Size up to 52" and Belt Width up to 4".

To Determine the Belt Size and Stitching Area:

  • Measure a belt that fits from end of the buckle (including the buckle) to the hole most often used.  OR
  • Take Pant Size and add 2 inches (38" pants would be 40" Belt Size).
  • Stitch 4 inches less than the Belt Size - which will allow for the leather to be added during finishing
  • Leave 1.5 to 2 inches on each end to be attached to the leather during finishing.  

For 38" Pants, Belt Size would be 40.  Stitch area would be 36 - leaving 2 inches at each end for finishing

The sides of the belt will need to be bound.  For more detail on belt finishing, look at the link below.

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