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Embroidery Stitch Tool

Embroidery Stitch Tool
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Embroidery Stitch Tool
Instruction Book by DMC
Everything you need to know to do basic embroidery, tips for fabrics, needles and threads for designs and inspiration.

18 Stitches fully explained

Chapters Include
The Joy of Embroidery
Selecting the Design, Colors, Threads and Stitches
Picking the Right Fabric
Needles and How to Thread Them
Embroidery Tool Kit
Transferring Designs
Starting and Stopping
Tips for Successful Embroidery Projects
18 Stitch Instructions
Guides and Tools

18 Stitches (Running, Back, Split, Stem, Chain, Couching, Blanket, Laced Running, Cross, Herringbone, Feather, Lazy Daisy, Fly, Seed, Star, French Knot, Satin, Long and Short.)
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