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Needlepoint Now 2011/3 May June

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Needlepoint Now 2011/3 May June

Needlepoint Now 2011/3 May June
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Front Cover
Linda Lahm’s 3D Pinwheels: People can’t keep their hands off them. That’s what designer Linda Lahm of Columbus, Ohio, has learned about the brightly colored pinwheels lined up in front of her booth, whether it was a local art show or the TNNA Market. “I’ve seen them sold now at two markets, and people cannot resist touching them. They pick one up and the first thing they do is spin it.” Engineering the stitched canvas pinwheel to spin freely on a stick wasn’t easy. “We tried all types of wire and pins to get the pinwheel to spin,” Linda said. “If this thing doesn’t spin, then it’s just dumb and nobody will want one.” Her husband, Gunther, recommended a nail, which she now camouflages with a bead or a wired beaded flower. Finishing the pinwheel took more trial and error. It was her finisher, the Spinning Wheel Shop in Houston, Texas, that figured out how it would actually work.
Linda has been designing small, colorful, 3D needlepoint projects for more than three years and has displayed them at local art shows and the TNNA Market. In addition to 4" and 5" pinwheels in bright summer and holiday colors, she has also designed 3" x 4" flat-bottomed tote bags, earmuff ornaments, photo holders and stand-up trees. The pinwheels are one of her most popular items.

Ms. Vanity Mermaid by Kelly Clark and Alice Okon: One must look one’s best when you are a princess of the sea! Alice Okon’s use of many of DMC’s new threads, 3D techniques and beads breathes life into Kelly Clark’s whimsical mermaid design.

Back Cover
The Motifs of the Long Horn Miao by Elizabeth Bozievich: It has been said that if you meet 100 Miaos, you will see 100 costumes. The Miao people of China, whose culture lacks a written language, have long used their skills in embroidery, weaving and dyeing to voice their history and beliefs.
The Long Horn Miao was the first village visited on my recent tour of China and my first view of the traditional costumes and the women who make them.

Bunny Picnic by Dianne Matthew
Petite Circle Bargello by Liz Morrow
Forget-Me-Not by Debbie Stiehler
Tapestry II, Part II by Marnie Ritter
The Traveling Stitcher by June Russell-Chamberlin
The Screen of Her Dreams by June Russell-Chamberlin
Making It Simple by Anne Stradal
Divining Design by June Russell-Chamberlin
Jody Williamson-Valentine’s Needlepoint Network
What’s New? What’s Hot? by Kathy Paterson
Elizabeth’s Bookshelf by Elizabeth Bozievich
Using Common Stitches in Uncommon Ways by Ann Strite-Kurz
Down the Rabbit Hole by Coni Rich
The “TaDa!” Moment
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