Kreinik Ombre

Kreinik Ombre - 15 meter spools

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Kreinik Ombre
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Kreinik Ombre 

Kreinik Ombre is an 8-ply, softly twisted metallic thread. It is available in nine variegated colors as well as solid gold, silver, and pearl to add a fuzzy texture to Cross Stitch, Needlepoint, Knitting (makes a great companion to use with your favorite yarns) & Machine Embroidery.  Available on 15 meter (17 yard) spools.

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Kreinik OmbreKreinik Ombre
Misty Apricot  - Ombre 1200Misty Apricot - Ombre 1200
Misty Lavender - Ombre 1600Misty Lavender - Ombre 1600
Misty Lime - Ombre 1100Misty Lime - Ombre 1100
Misty Rainbow - Ombre 1500Misty Rainbow - Ombre 1500
Misty Scarlet - Ombre 1400Misty Scarlet - Ombre 1400
Misty Sunrise - Ombre 1800Misty Sunrise - Ombre 1800
Misty Sunset - Ombre 1900Misty Sunset - Ombre 1900
Misty Violet - Ombre 1300Misty Violet - Ombre 1300
Solid Pearl - Ombre 3200Solid Pearl - Ombre 3200
Solid Silver - Ombre 1000Solid Silver - Ombre 1000
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