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I place orders on 1st or 3rd Friday of each month.  If the distributor has the item, I can fill my orders about 1-1/2 weeks later.

Deluxe Mono Canvas

Deluxe Mono Needlepoint Canvas

Deluxe Mono Needlepoint Canvas is available in a variety of colors, although most colors are only available as an 18 mesh count.  

Mono needlepoint canvas is a single thread canvas. The warp thread is placed an even distance from the weft thread. Mono-canvas is made of a slightly heavier thread than the other canvases - and has a polished look which is due to the sizing. The reason for the sizing is to keep the threads in place separated while it is being woven and then worked. Due to this heavy sizing - mono is very easy to paint on - also being easy on eyesight because of the simple weave.


Needle Guide:
08-10 Mesh Canvas - use a size 16 tapestry needle 
10-12 Mesh Canvas - use a size 18 tapestry needle 
12-14 Mesh Canvas - use a size 20 tapestry needle 
16-18 mesh canvas - use a size 22 tapestry needle

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10ct  White Deluxe Mono Canvas10ct White Deluxe Mono Canvas
10ct Brown Deluxe Mono Canvas10ct Brown Deluxe Mono Canvas
10ct White - For Belts size 52"10ct White - For Belts size 52"
10ct White - For Belts size up to 38"10ct White - For Belts size up to 38"
10ct White 54" Wide10ct White 54" Wide
12ct White - For Belts size up to 38"12ct White - For Belts size up to 38"
13ct Brown13ct Brown
13ct Eggshell13ct Eggshell
13ct White13ct White
14ct Brown14ct Brown
14ct White - For Belts size up to 38"14ct White - For Belts size up to 38"
14ct White - For Belts size up to 52"14ct White - For Belts size up to 52"
14ct White Deluxe Mono14ct White Deluxe Mono
16ct White16ct White
18ct Antique Blue18ct Antique Blue
18ct Black18ct Black
18ct Brown18ct Brown
18ct Eggshell18ct Eggshell
18ct Eggshell  with Gold Metallic18ct Eggshell with Gold Metallic
18ct French Blue18ct French Blue
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