Disco Midge

Tying Instructions

Here is a really easy midge pattern to tie. Perfect for finicky fish and tailwater fisheries. Try other colors such as (015L, 005L, 005HL, 021L

Materials Needed:
Size 18-24 dry fly hook
8/0 olive tying thread
Abdomen: Kreinik Blending Filament (Robot Red-003L)
Head: Peacock Herl
Wing: Kreinik Fine #8 Braid (White-100)

1.) Tie on your thread near the eye of the hook and wrap forward to the eye. Tie in a short piece of Kreinik Fine #8 Braid (White-100) so that the braid extends beyond the eye of the hook to form the wing.

2.) Tie on one strand of Kreinik Blending Filament at the bend of the hook and wrap the thread forward "painting" the hook all the way to the point the braid is tied in.

3.) Tie in one piece of peacock herl and wrap a few times to create the thorax. Whip finish.

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