Disco Beetle


Why use Kreinik Very Fine #4 Braid on this fly?  First it comes in over 200 colors.  Secondly, it comes ready to use right off the spool unlike antron yarn that must be twisted.  Finally, the braid gives a little sparkle to this fly.

Materials Needed:
Hook: Mustad C49S Caddis Curved size #16-20
Thread:  8/0 olive, black, red
Body:  Kreinik Very Fine #4 Braid in Red Cord 003C, Black Cord 005C and 008C Green Cord
Wing:  deer body hair

Tying Instructions

1)  Tie your tying thread behind the eye of the hook.  Tie in the Kreinik Braid at this point.  Using your tying thread tie the braid down to the bend of the hook.

2) Wrap the tying thread back up to behind eye of hook. Wrap the Kreinik Braid forward to the front of the hook tie it off and trim the excess.

3) To form the wing cut a small clump of deer body hair.  Be sure to clean out any guard/under hairs and trim the tips even.  Tie the hair in facing rearward, just behind the eye of the hook.  Hold the hair firmly so it does not spin around the hook.  Make several wraps to secure the hair in place.  Whip finish

4) Cut the rear facing hair so that the wing is 1/3 the length of the fly.
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