Steeves Firefly

Steeves Firefly

Steeves Firefly

Steeves Firefly

Designed by Harrison Steeves, III 

Materials Needed:
Hook:  #12, 14,16: Tiemco 5212, Orvis 1638, Mustad 94831
Thread:      6/0 Black or Orange
Wing Case:  Kreinik 1/8” Ribbon;  Black Hi Lustre (Beetle Black) #005HL
Body:  Orvis 1/8” thick closed cell black foam, cut into 1/8” wide strips
Underbody:  3-4 strands of peacock herl
Butt:  Kreinik Medium;  Glow in the Dark Lemon-Line (Yellow) #054F
Wing:  Either 1/8” Kreinik Ribbon, or Kreinik Heavy Braid;  Mallard#850

Tying Instructions

1.  Wrap first half of hook shank with thread.  Tie in wing casematerial (use about a 6 inch piece) to the bend of the hook (end of shank).

2.  Wrap thread forward 2/3 length of hook shank, tie in foam stripand wrap backward to bend of hook, even with wing case material.

3.  Tie in butt material (about a 6” piece) and wrap thread forwardenough to allow two to four wraps of butt material forward (two on the smallesthook, and four or more on larger fireflies).  Wrap butt material forward(3 wraps on a #14 hook), and tie down on top.  Trim off excess buttmaterial.

4.  Tie in 3-4 strands of peacock herl in front of butt and wrap threadforward to within about 1/8” of hook eye.  Wrap peacock herl forwardand tie down.  Trim off excess herl.  Wrap thread back and thenforward through herl for reinforcement.

5.  Fold foam over and forward to form body, tie it down about 1/8”back from the eye of hook and trim to leave a head extending to or slightlyover the hook eye.  Save excess foam for more bodies.

6.  Tie in winging material at the point where the head and body join. Wings should extend back no further than the butt.  Trim forward portioneven with front of head.

7.  Separate winging material evenly on both sides of the body, foldwing case material forward and tie down.  Trim wing case material evenwith front of head and save excess for more flies.  Whip finish.

Note: You can substitute brighter colors of 1/8” Ribbon for the wing casesuch as 051F, 052F, 053F, 054F or 055F.  These colors will make thefly easier to see in the water.  
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