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I place orders on 1st or 3rd Friday of each month.  If the distributor has the item, I can fill my orders about 1-1/2 weeks later.


Permin Linen Premium Fabric and Charles Craft Carolina Linen

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14 Carolina Linen - Salt14 Carolina Linen - Salt
14 Carolina Linen - Sand14 Carolina Linen - Sand
18 Davos Putty Khaki18 Davos Putty Khaki
18 Ivory Linen (712)18 Ivory Linen (712)
18 White Linen18 White Linen
26 Natural Brown Undyed Linen26 Natural Brown Undyed Linen
26 White Linen (Blanc)26 White Linen (Blanc)
28 Barnwood pkg28 Barnwood pkg
28ct Blush28ct Blush
28ct Carolina Linen - Salt28ct Carolina Linen - Salt
28ct Cherub Pink28ct Cherub Pink
28ct Country Blue28ct Country Blue
28ct Country French Cashmere Linen (822)28ct Country French Cashmere Linen (822)
28ct Dusty Miller28ct Dusty Miller
28ct Nordic Blue28ct Nordic Blue
28ct Silver Blue28ct Silver Blue
28ct Tropical Green28ct Tropical Green
30ct Natural Brown Undyed Linen30ct Natural Brown Undyed Linen
32ct Antique White (3865)32ct Antique White (3865)
32ct LambsWool32ct LambsWool
32ct Natural LIght (3782)
32ct Smoky Pearl - Twilight Blue32ct Smoky Pearl - Twilight Blue
32ct Tumbleweed32ct Tumbleweed
32ct Water Lily Linen32ct Water Lily Linen
36ct  Antique White Edinburgh Linen36ct Antique White Edinburgh Linen

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