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Interlock or Waste Canvas

Interlock Needlepoint Canvas

Interlock Needlepoint Canvas is only available in white.  I purchase from Wichelt Imports.

Interlock canvas is made from a thinner thread than the other blank needlepoint canvases and is more intricately woven. The newest addition to the canvases available - Interlock is a two-thread canvas with both warp and weft pairs woven very tightly together - the warp threads taking a half twist between each set of weft threads. Interlock is the only canvas that all needlepoint stitches may be worked on. Because the threads are so close together - it is possible to work upright stitches on it - - and since it is a two thread needlepoint canvas - those stitches that cannot be worked on a loosely woven mono canvas can be worked on Interlock. It has a very even mesh count - which makes it ideal for graph work - easy to paint on - and good for silk screen or stenciling.


Needle Guide:
08-10 Mesh Canvas - use a size 16 tapestry needle 
10-12 Mesh Canvas - use a size 18 tapestry needle 
12-14 Mesh Canvas - use a size 20 tapestry needle 
16-18 mesh canvas - use a size 22 tapestry needle

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