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Kreinik Flash In A Tube

Kreinik Flash In A Tube™ is a fine-fiber synthetic material which exhibits a metallic-like gleam. Its’ reflective properties add sparkle to the tails and wings of many types of flies. The hair-like fibers are soft and static free, making it easy to work with. Kreinik Flash is unaffected by saltwater or epoxy finishes, yet is flexible enough to be mixed with marabou, enhancing its action in the water. 

Kreinik Flash In A Tube™ has many uses. Add a few strands to the tails of woolly buggers, bass bugs, poppers, eels, and leech patterns. Mix some Flash with bucktail in streamers. Single strands can be used as ribbing on nymphs and wet flies. Possibly the most innovative use is in some of the popular dry fly patterns. The white glow-in-the-dark can be used as a substitute for calftail in a Royal Trude, or as the wing post in a Parachute Adams. It’s like having a built-in strike indicator. Each package includes a clear plastic tube, making Flash easy and convenient to store while keeping stray fibers from adding clutter to your tying bench. The tube enables you to store several colors in a small tray, or bundle the tubes together with a rubber band. There are 250, 7" strands in each skein. 

What do the letters mean? Colors ending in a "V" such as 001V have a matte, less reflective finish. Colors ending in a "HL" such as 001HL are hi-lustre and are very shiny. Colors ending in a "L" such as 001L are holographic.

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0001HL Silver (SKU: 001HL)0001HL Silver (SKU: 001HL)
0001L Sonic Silver (SKU: 001L)0001L Sonic Silver (SKU: 001L)
0001V Vintage Silver (SKU: 001V)0001V Vintage Silver (SKU: 001V)
0002HL Gold (SKU: 002HL)0002HL Gold (SKU: 002HL)
0002L Chromo Gold (SKU: 002L)0002L Chromo Gold (SKU: 002L)
0002V Vintage Gold (SKU: 002V)0002V Vintage Gold (SKU: 002V)
0003HL Red (SKU: 003HL)0003HL Red (SKU: 003HL)
0003L Robot Red (SKU: 003L)0003L Robot Red (SKU: 003L)
0003V Vintage Red (SKU: 003V)0003V Vintage Red (SKU: 003V)
0005HL Black (SKU: 005HL)0005HL Black (SKU: 005HL)
0005L Blinding Black (SKU: 005L)0005L Blinding Black (SKU: 005L)
0006HL Blue (SKU: 006HL)0006HL Blue (SKU: 006HL)
0007HL Pink (SKU: 007HL)0007HL Pink (SKU: 007HL)
0007L Power Pink (SKU: 007L)0007L Power Pink (SKU: 007L)
0008HL Green (SKU: 008HL)0008HL Green (SKU: 008HL)
0008L Kinetic Kelly (SKU: 008L)0008L Kinetic Kelly (SKU: 008L)
0009HL Emerald (SKU: 009HL)0009HL Emerald (SKU: 009HL)
0009V Vintage Emerald (SKU: 009V)0009V Vintage Emerald (SKU: 009V)
0010HL Steel Gray (SKU: 010HL)0010HL Steel Gray (SKU: 010HL)
0011HL Gun Metal (SKU: 011HL)0011HL Gun Metal (SKU: 011HL)
0012HL Purple (SKU: 012HL)0012HL Purple (SKU: 012HL)
0012L Lavendartric (SKU: 012L)0012L Lavendartric (SKU: 012L)
0014HL Sky Blue (SKU: 014HL)0014HL Sky Blue (SKU: 014HL)
0015HL Chartreuse (SKU: 015HL)0015HL Chartreuse (SKU: 015HL)
0018HL Navy (SKU: 018HL)0018HL Navy (SKU: 018HL)
0018V Navy (SKU: 018V)0018V Navy (SKU: 018V)
0021HL Copper (SKU: 021HL)0021HL Copper (SKU: 021HL)
0021L Coptic Copper (SKU: 021L)0021L Coptic Copper (SKU: 021L)
0022L Molten Mocha (SKU: 022L)0022L Molten Mocha (SKU: 022L)
0024HL Fuchsia (SKU: 024HL)0024HL Fuchsia (SKU: 024HL)
0024L Fiery Fuchsia (SKU: 024L)0024L Fiery Fuchsia (SKU: 024L)
0026L Punchy Purple (SKU: 026L)0026L Punchy Purple (SKU: 026L)
0026V Amethyst (SKU: 026V)0026V Amethyst (SKU: 026V)
0027L Orangeruptis (SKU: 027L)0027L Orangeruptis (SKU: 027L)
0028L Solar Flair (SKU: 028L)0028L Solar Flair (SKU: 028L)
0029L Dyelectric Blue (SKU: 029L)0029L Dyelectric Blue (SKU: 029L)
0031L Berry Red (SKU: 031L)0031L Berry Red (SKU: 031L)
0033L Royal Blast (SKU: 033L)0033L Royal Blast (SKU: 033L)
0042LOptic Opal (SKU: 042L)0042LOptic Opal (SKU: 042L)
0051F Tangerine (SKU: 051F)0051F Tangerine (SKU: 051F)
0051HL Sapphire (SKU: 051HL)0051HL Sapphire (SKU: 051HL)
0052F Grapefruit (SKU: 052F)0052F Grapefruit (SKU: 052F)
0052HL Bronze (SKU: 052HL)0052HL Bronze (SKU: 052HL)
0053F Lime (SKU: 053F)0053F Lime (SKU: 053F)
0054F Lemon Lime (SKU: 054F)0054F Lemon Lime (SKU: 054F)
0055F Watermelon (SKU: 055F)0055F Watermelon (SKU: 055F)
0080HL Garnet (SKU: 080HL)0080HL Garnet (SKU: 080HL)
0150V Vintage Amber (SKU: 150V)0150V Vintage Amber (SKU: 150V)
0152V Vintage Sienna (SKU: 152V)0152V Vintage Sienna (SKU: 152V)
0153V Vintage Burgundy (SKU: 153V)0153V Vintage Burgundy (SKU: 153V)
0154V Vintage Verdigris (SKU: 154V)0154V Vintage Verdigris (SKU: 154V)
0202HL Aztec Gold (SKU: 202HL)0202HL Aztec Gold (SKU: 202HL)
Bulk Flash (SKU: FISHFLASH-)Bulk Flash (SKU: FISHFLASH-)
Easter Grass 9032 (SKU: 9032)Easter Grass 9032 (SKU: 9032)
Flash In A Tube (SKU: FL20-i-)Flash In A Tube (SKU: FL20-i-)
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