Brer Hot Butt Possum

Designed by Harrison Steeves, III 

Materials Needed:

  • Hook: #8, #10, #12, #14: Tiemco 2302
  • Thread: 6/0 brown or tan.
  • Bead Head: Umpqua gold bead in size to match the hook.
  • Tag: Kreinik Medium or Fine round braid in any of the following colors: Glow-In-The-Dark 051F, 053F, 054F, 055F.   On hook sizes #8 and #10 use the Medium
  • Braid to form the tag. On hook sizes #12 and #14 use the Fine Braid.
  • Body: Formed using (3-4” long) of  Kreinik Medium Braid, Yellow/Orange 127, a  4.5” - 5” long piece of brown Monochord, and medium dark Australian Opossum dubbing fur.
  • Collar or Hackle: Light (honey) colored Australian Opossum body fur spun in a dubbing loop and wrapped. I use one of Larry Walkers dubbing spinners for this.

Tying Directions:

  1. De-barb hook, slide appropriate size gold bead over the hook bend and position it behind the eye of the hook.
  2. Wrap shank of hook with tying thread to a point even with the hook point and tie in the tag material backward to a point about even with the end of the hook barb. Wrap thread forward to the hook point.
  3. Wrap tag material forward to a point even with the hook point (about five turns on a #12 hook), tie it down and trim away excess.
  4. Wrap thread forward to the bead and tie in a piece (about 3.5” long for a #12 hook) of the Kreinik round braid. Tie in about a 4” piece of brown monochord. Tie both of these in backward to the forward portion of the tag. Wrap the thread forward to the bead head.
  5. Wax the Kreinik braid and apply the Opossum fur dubbing to it. Do not use too much dubbing, you want the flash of the Kreinik material to show through. Holding the dubbed Kreinik material and the piece of Monochord twist them together to form the dubbed body "noodle".
  6. Wrap the formed "noodle " forward and tie it off far enough behind the bead head to allow about four to five turns of the fur hackle.
  7. Form a dubbing loop.  Cut off a small bunch of Opossum body fur and place between the threads forming the dubbing loop. Spread it between the thread strands of the dubbing loop for a distance of about 1” on a size #12 hook (adjust the amount for larger or smaller hook sizes). Cut away the butts of the hairs projecting through the loop so that only about 1/16” of the butts projects through the loop. Spin the dubbing tool to form the fur hackle.
  8. Wrap the fur hackle three or more times forward (the number of wraps is determined by the size of the hook). As you wrap the hackle forward, stroke the fur backward to prevent it from being caught under successive wraps.
  9. Tie down the fur hackle immediately behind the bead head and whip finish.
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