Spinnerbait Skirts

Spinnerbait Skirts

Spinnerbait Skit Final Product

Spinnerbait Skirt
Designed by Jim Cargo

Materials Needed:

  • Old Spinnerbait
  • Tying thread
  • Kreinik Flash in 054F and 003L
  • Head cement

Tying Instructions:

  1. Get all the old skirt material off.  See Image #1 Below. Tie your tying thread where the spinnerbait holds the skirt material. Tie in several strands of Kreinik flash (003L) so that the flash extends beyond the bend of the hook.  See Image #2 Below
  2. Now tie in some of the Kreinik Flash (054F). I like to reverse tie spinnerbaits to hide the tying thread and give a cleaner look and the flash flares out a little more. Tie in the flash and separate the strands so that they cover the top half of the spinnerbait. Rotate your vise or turn you spinnerbait over and repeat this step the other half.  See Image #3 Below
  3. Add several more wraps of tying thread to secure the flash in place. I will wrap the flash some on the hook shank of the spinnerbait for an extra secure wrap. Tie off the tying thread and coat the wraps generously with head cement.  See Image #4 Below
  4. Once the head cement is dry place your spinnerbait under a faucet and allow water to run over it. This will help push the flash back into position. Stroke the flash a few times with your fingers to help shape it. If need be, trim flash to desired length and to even out fibers.  See Final Image Above.


Start With Old Spinnerbait


Add a little tying thread and red flash




Add in some yellow flash
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