Kreinik Blending Filament

Kreinik Blending Filament - 50 meter spools

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Kreinik Blending Filament
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Kreinik Blending Filament

Use Kreinik Blending Filament, by itself or combined with other yarns, to create random highlighting effect in all hand embroidery like cross stitch and needlepoint, plus machine embroidery, crochet, and knitting. Scroll down to view the Blending Filament color chart and to order for your next project. Available on 50 meter (55 yard) spools.

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0001 Silver0001 Silver
0001C Silver0001C Silver
0001HL Silver0001HL Silver
0001J Japan Silver #10001J Japan Silver #1
0001J5 Japan Silver #50001J5 Japan Silver #5
0001J7 Japan Silver #70001J7 Japan Silver #7
0001L Sonic Silver0001L Sonic Silver
0001P Silver Cable0001P Silver Cable
0001V Vintage Silver0001V Vintage Silver
0002 Gold0002 Gold
0002C Gold0002C Gold
0002HL Gold0002HL Gold
0002J Japan Gold #10002J Japan Gold #1
0002J5 Japan Gold #50002J5 Japan Gold #5
0002J7 Japan Gold #70002J7 Japan Gold #7
0002L Chromo Gold0002L Chromo Gold
0002P Gold Cable0002P Gold Cable
0002V Vintage Gold0002V Vintage Gold
0003 Red0003 Red
0003HL Red0003HL Red
0003J Japan Red #50003J Japan Red #5
0003L Robot Red0003L Robot Red
0003V Vintage Red0003V Vintage Red
0005 Black0005 Black
0005C Black0005C Black
0005HL Black0005HL Black
0005L Blinding Black0005L Blinding Black
0006 Blue0006 Blue
0006HL Blue0006HL Blue
0007 Pink0007 Pink
0007C Pink0007C Pink
0007HL Pink0007HL Pink
0007L Power Pink0007L Power Pink
0008 Green0008 Green
0008C Green0008C Green
0008HL Green0008HL Green
0008J Japan Green #50008J Japan Green #5
0008L Kinetic Kelly0008L Kinetic Kelly
0009 Emerald0009 Emerald
0009HL Emerald0009HL Emerald
0009V Vintage Emerald0009V Vintage Emerald
0010HL Steel Gray0010HL Steel Gray
0011C Gun Metal0011C Gun Metal
0011HL Gun Metal0011HL Gun Metal
0012 Purple0012 Purple
0012C Purple0012C Purple
0012HL Purple0012HL Purple
0012L Lavendartric0012L Lavendartric
0013 Beige0013 Beige
0014 Sky Blue0014 Sky Blue
0014HL Sky Blue0014HL Sky Blue
0015 Chartreuse0015 Chartreuse
0015HL Chartreuse0015HL Chartreuse
0015L Laser Lime0015L Laser Lime
0017HL White Gold0017HL White Gold
0018 Navy0018 Navy
0018HL Navy0018HL Navy
0018V Navy0018V Navy
0019 Pewter0019 Pewter
0021 Copper0021 Copper
0021C Copper0021C Copper
0021HL Copper0021HL Copper
0021J Japan Copper #70021J Japan Copper #7
0021L Coptic Copper0021L Coptic Copper
0022 Brown0022 Brown
0022L Molten Mocha0022L Molten Mocha
0023 Lilac0023 Lilac
0024 Fuchsia0024 Fuchsia
0024HL Fuchsia0024HL Fuchsia
0024L Fiery Fuchsia0024L Fiery Fuchsia
0025 Gray0025 Gray
0026 Amethyst0026 Amethyst
0026L Punchy Purple0026L Punchy Purple
0026V Amethyst0026V Amethyst
0027 Orange0027 Orange
0027L Orangeruptis0027L Orangeruptis
0028 Citron0028 Citron
0028L Solar Flair0028L Solar Flair
0029 Turquoise0029 Turquoise
0029L Dyelectric Blue0029L Dyelectric Blue
0031 Crimson0031 Crimson
0031L Berry Red0031L Berry Red
0032C Pearl0032C Pearl
0033 Royal Blue0033 Royal Blue
0033L Royal Blast0033L Royal Blast
0041C Confetti Pink0041C Confetti Pink
0044 Confetti Blue0044 Confetti Blue
0045 Confetti Gold0045 Confetti Gold
0051C Sapphire0051C Sapphire
0051F Tangerine0051F Tangerine
0051HL Sapphire0051HL Sapphire
0052F Grapefruit0052F Grapefruit
0052HL Bronze0052HL Bronze
0053F Lime0053F Lime
0054F Lemon Lime0054F Lemon Lime
0055F Watermelon0055F Watermelon
0060 Midnight0060 Midnight
0061 Ruby0061 Ruby
0072 Cocoa Brown0072 Cocoa Brown
0080C Garnet0080C Garnet
0080HL Garnet0080HL Garnet
0085 Peacock0085 Peacock
0086C Fern0086C Fern
0087C Meadow Grass0087C Meadow Grass
0089 Aspen Green0089 Aspen Green
0091 Star Yellow0091 Star Yellow
0092 Star Pink0092 Star Pink
0093 Star Mauve0093 Star Mauve
0094 Star Blue0094 Star Blue
0095 Starburst0095 Starburst
0100 White0100 White
0100HL White0100HL White
0102C Vatican Gold0102C Vatican Gold
0104C Colonial Gold0104C Colonial Gold
0105C Antique Silver0105C Antique Silver
0107J7 Japan Flamingo Pink #70107J7 Japan Flamingo Pink #7
0108J7 Japan Parrot Green #70108J7 Japan Parrot Green #7
0110J Japan Black Onyx #50110J Japan Black Onyx #5
0115J7 Japan Lime Green #70115J7 Japan Lime Green #7
0128J7 Japan Papaya Orangen #70128J7 Japan Papaya Orangen #7
0150V Vintage Amber0150V Vintage Amber
0152V Vintage Sienna0152V Vintage Sienna
0153V Vintage Burgundy0153V Vintage Burgundy
0154V Vintage Verdigris0154V Vintage Verdigris
0160J Japan Rustic Gold #50160J Japan Rustic Gold #5
0165J Japan Oriental Bronze #50165J Japan Oriental Bronze #5
0170J Japan Natural Pewter #50170J Japan Natural Pewter #5
0200J Japan Hot Chocolate #50200J Japan Hot Chocolate #5
0201C Chocolate0201C Chocolate
0202C Indigo0202C Indigo
0202HL Aztec Gold0202HL Aztec Gold
0205C Antique Gold0205C Antique Gold
0208C Wine0208C Wine
0215C Antique Copper0215C Antique Copper
0216J5 Japan Native Copper #50216J5 Japan Native Copper #5
0220J5 Japan Bum Gold #50220J5 Japan Bum Gold #5
0220J7 Japan Bum Gold #70220J7 Japan Bum Gold #7
0225C Slate Cord0225C Slate Cord
0245J Japan Bright Magenta #50245J Japan Bright Magenta #5
0280J5 Japan Country Blue0280J5 Japan Country Blue
0321J Japan Dark Gold #10321J Japan Dark Gold #1
4010HL Indigo Blue4010HL Indigo Blue
Kreinik Blending FilamentKreinik Blending Filament
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