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Silk Lame Braid by Rainbow Gallery
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Silk Lame Braid for 18 ct

Silk Lame Braid for 18 ct
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Silk Lame Braid #18 consists of four fine strands of silk and four metallic filaments braided together to make one larger strand that works perfectly on 18 count canvas. The wonderful mix of silk and metallic together gives your design an elegant sparkle. You use it as is off the card for stitching, no plying necessary. A shorter length and larger needle (#22) works best to prevent tangles. It also works well for open stitch on larger mesh, especially for water or skies. It makes beautiful tassels and twisted cords for finishing.

Please look at the color chart images - I will order any color you desire, but do not have many of them in stock as I am just starting to add this braid to my inventory. It is really beautiful!! Thanks
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