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Special Order Items usually take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive; sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.

Mill Hill Magnifica Beads
Look at this Pinterest Board
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Look at the ones he did for me!! 

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Bead Caddy - 6 (SKU: BC6-Not)Bead Caddy - 6 (SKU: BC6-Not)
MH10000*Magnifica Glass Beads- Click to special order specific beads (SKU: MH10000)MH10000*Magnifica Glass Beads- Click to special order specific beads (SKU: MH10000)
MH10001*Magnifica Glass Beads -Ice (SKU: MH10001)MH10001*Magnifica Glass Beads -Ice (SKU: MH10001)
MH10007*Magnifica Glass Beads -Mercury (SKU: MH10007)MH10007*Magnifica Glass Beads -Mercury (SKU: MH10007)
MH10009*Magnifica Glass Beads -  White (SKU: MH10009)MH10009*Magnifica Glass Beads - White (SKU: MH10009)
MH10023*Magnifica Glass Beads - Evergreen (SKU: MH10023)MH10023*Magnifica Glass Beads - Evergreen (SKU: MH10023)
MH10024-Magnifica Glass Beads - Cognac (SKU: MH10024)MH10024-Magnifica Glass Beads - Cognac (SKU: MH10024)
MH10026*Magnifica Glass Beads - Old Rose (SKU: MH10026)MH10026*Magnifica Glass Beads - Old Rose (SKU: MH10026)
MH10028*Magnifica Glass Beads - Silver (SKU: MH10028)MH10028*Magnifica Glass Beads - Silver (SKU: MH10028)
MH10036*Magnifica Glass Beads -Victorian Gold (SKU: MH10036)MH10036*Magnifica Glass Beads -Victorian Gold (SKU: MH10036)
MH10041*Magnifica Glass Beads - Abalone (SKU: MH10041)MH10041*Magnifica Glass Beads - Abalone (SKU: MH10041)
MH10046*Magnifica Glass Beads - White Opal (SKU: MH10046)MH10046*Magnifica Glass Beads - White Opal (SKU: MH10046)
MH10113*Magnifica Glass Beads -  Aqua (SKU: MH10113)MH10113*Magnifica Glass Beads - Aqua (SKU: MH10113)
MH11046*Magnifica Glass Beads - White Opal Cylindrical (SKU: MH11046)MH11046*Magnifica Glass Beads - White Opal Cylindrical (SKU: MH11046)
MH11069*Magnifica Glass Beads -  Royal Opal (SKU: MH11069)MH11069*Magnifica Glass Beads - Royal Opal (SKU: MH11069)
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