Braided Bitch Creek

Materials and Tying Directions

  • Hook: #6, 8 or 10 Tiemco 5262
  • Thread: 6/0 Black
  • Weight: Lead wire on forward half of the hook shank
  • Tail and Antennae: Round rubber legging material, medium size.
  • Body: Kreinik medium size round braid, 005HL, 091.
  • Thorax: Kreinik Micro-Ice Chenille, black.
  • Hackle: Brown or Furnace

Tying Directions:

  1. Wrap hook shank with tying thread and then wrap thread forward 1/2 the length of the hook shank. Tie in two unseparated pieces of round rubber legging material at this point and continue tying them down backwards to the bend of the hook. Make loose thread wraps to keep the rubber legging material from rolling over on the hook shank. Make a few tighter wraps of thread at the hook bend and then wrap the legging material tightly down over its entire length. If this is done properly the legs should spread away from the hook shank when they are separated.
  2. Tie in the two pieces of Kreinik body material (about 9 inches long) at a point 1/3 the length of the hook shank back from the eye, one on each side of the hook shank. Continue tying these down rearward to the base of the tail. Wrap the thread forward to the eye of the hook, whip finish and remove it.
  3. Form the body from the Kreinik material using the overhand knot procedure (half-hitch weave). On a size 8 hook the body will require twelve knots. When the body has been formed tie off the body material on opposite sides of the hook shank and  trim away the excess.
  4. Tie in two more unseparated pieces of legging material projecting forward over the eye of the hook. Use the same procedure as that described for the tail. Do not separate them until the fly is finished.
  5. Tie in an appropriate size brown hackle fiber just behind the last knot used to form the body.
  6. Cut about a six inch piece of the Kreinik Micro-Ice Chenille and tie in both of the free ends to form a loop of material at the same point at which the hackle fiber was tied down. Wrap thread forward to a point behind the hook eye, leaving enough room to form the head. Using a dubbing twister spin the loop of chenille to form a single strand. Wrap the twisted strand forward about three turns to form the thorax. Tie it down and trim the excess.
  7. Wrap the hackle through the thorax material. tie it down and trim excess away.
  8. Form the head and whip finish. Cut the antennae to the desired length and separate them.
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