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I place orders on 1st or 3rd Friday of each month.  If the distributor has the item, I can fill my orders about 1-1/2 weeks later.

Charles Craft Aida Cloth

Aida Cross Stitch Fabric by Charles Craft

Aida Cross Stitch Fabric is available in a variety of counts and a variety of colors.  Charles Craft Aida is less expensive than Permin and does not have as many colors.  If you cannot find the color you need, be certain to look at the Permin Aida.

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14 Beige Gold Label14 Beige Gold Label
14 Beige Gold Label14 Beige Gold Label
14 Black Gold Label14 Black Gold Label
14 Carolina Linen - Salt14 Carolina Linen - Salt
14 Carolina Linen - Sand14 Carolina Linen - Sand
14 Gold Dusted Gold Label14 Gold Dusted Gold Label
14 Grasshopper Gold Label14 Grasshopper Gold Label
14 Hunter Green Gold Label14 Hunter Green Gold Label
14 Ivory Gold Label14 Ivory Gold Label
14 Lemon Twist Gold Label14 Lemon Twist Gold Label
14 Lt Blue Gold Label14 Lt Blue Gold Label
14 Lt Oatmeal Fidlers Gold Label14 Lt Oatmeal Fidlers Gold Label
14 Lt Seafoam Gold Label14 Lt Seafoam Gold Label
14 Natural Gold Label14 Natural Gold Label
14 Navy Gold Label14 Navy Gold Label
14 Oatmeal Fiddler Gold Label14 Oatmeal Fiddler Gold Label
14 Pink Gold Label14 Pink Gold Label
14 Platinum Gold Label14 Platinum Gold Label
14 Polar Ice Gold Label14 Polar Ice Gold Label
14 Red Gold Label14 Red Gold Label
14 Silver Dusted Gold Label14 Silver Dusted Gold Label
14ct Antique White Gold Label14ct Antique White Gold Label
14ct White Gold Label14ct White Gold Label
16 Natural Gold Label16 Natural Gold Label
16 White Gold Label16 White Gold Label
16ct Antique White Gold Label16ct Antique White Gold Label
18 Beige Gold Label18 Beige Gold Label
18ct Antique White Gold Label18ct Antique White Gold Label
18ct White Gold Label18ct White Gold Label
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