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Petite Treasure Braid
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Petite Treasure Braid Thread

Petite Treasure Braid Thread
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Petite Treasure Braid (Made in USA, Distributed by Rainbow Galleries)

From Card:
For Fine Work and for Combining with Other Threads.
65% Rayon
35% Metalized Polyester
25 Yards (22.8 Meters)

From Rainbow Gallery Website:
This is our newest size in the Treasure Braid family. It is a three ply braided metallic that is extremely versatile. It can usually replace a #4 braid, however, at half the cost per yard. It is very durable and should not present any problem when stitching. In fact, you might try using it where you would use two ply of blending filament. It would give the same look and you would not have the bother, or mess, of stitching with blending filament that you would need to ply up. It is great to use when you want to add a glimmer of metallic without overpowering the rest of your stitching. You also may double or triple it in the needle when you want braids that are equal to a #6 or #9 weight.
(For very fine work when doing needlepoint)
(14-36 count cross stitch or combined with other threads)

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