Mud Dauber

Mud Dauber

Disco Beetle

Mud Dauber 

Designed by Harrison Steeves, III 

Materials Needed:

  • Hook: TMC 5212, #10
  • Thread: 6/0 Black
  • Abdomen (tail): 1/8” thick black foam cut into 3/8” wide strips
  • Body: Thread wraps treated with either super glue or head cement
  • Legs: Black, round rubber, fine
  • Wing: Pearlescent Peacock Flash, about 12 strands
  • Wing Support (prop):  1/4” Red or Yellow Kreinik Foam Tying Disc
  • Head Underwrap:    3 to 4 strands peacock herl
  • Head: 3/8” Black Kreinik Foam Tying Disc

Tying Directions:

  1. Wrap shank of hook with thread rearward to bend of hook.  Wrap thread forward and tie in a strip of foam abdomen (tail) material so that about 3/8” of material extends rearward beyond the bend of the hook.  Trim forward projecting excess and tie down remaining foam firmly.  Trim margins of rearward projecting abdomen at slight angle to form a tapered abdomen.
  2. Wrap thread forward to a point about 3/8” back from eye of the hook.  Whip finish and remove thread.  Apply a thin coat of either super glue or head cement to the thread wrapped abdomen (I use a needle to spread the material).  Set the fly aside to dry at this point.  When I tie this pattern I do about three dozen abdomens at a time.  By the time I have finished the last one, the first one is ready to complete.
  3. When the coated abdomen is dry, reattach the thread and wind it rearward to a point about 3/8” back from the eye of the hook.  At this point tie in the wing support with a 1/4” red or yellow Kreinik Foam Tying Disc.  Tie down only the front third of the disc and leave the rear 2/3 projecting backward.  This will form a support structure to keep the wing in an upright position.
  4. Tie in four rubber legs (unseparated) in front of the support disc.  Split them in the middle and tie in two on each side and in front of the support disc.  During this step a single initial figure eight wrap after they are tied down helps position the legs properly.
  5. Tie in a clump of about 12 Flash wing fibers projecting rearward over the support disc.  Tie them down rearward to the front of the support disc.  Trim the rear extending portions even with the end of the hook.
  6. Tie in the peacock herl underwrap fibers in front of the support disc and wind the thread forward to the eye of the hook.  Wrap the peacock herl forward to the eye of the hook, tie it off and trim excess.  Wrap the thread rearward and then forward through the herl to strengthen it.
  7. Tie in the head with a Black 3/8” Kreinik Foam Tying Disc on top of the herl with about 12 tight thread wraps.  The front of the disc should be even with the base of the hook eye.  Tie it in so that about 1/3 of the disc projects forward and the rear 2/3 forms a collar over the wings and the wing support disc.  Whip finish.
  8. Separate the leg material on either side of the hook.  
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