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Bag - Large Canvas Tote Bag - 18" x 16" (SKU: 1816totebag)Bag - Large Canvas Tote Bag - 18" x 16" (SKU: 1816totebag)
Bag - Leather Tan Tote Organizer Bag (SKU: tantote)Bag - Leather Tan Tote Organizer Bag (SKU: tantote)
Bead Nabber (SKU: beadnab-not)Bead Nabber (SKU: beadnab-not)
Floss Away 100 (SKU: FL100-NOT)Floss Away 100 (SKU: FL100-NOT)
Floss Away 36 (SKU: FL036-NOT)Floss Away 36 (SKU: FL036-NOT)
Floss Bobbin - Cardboard DMC (SKU: dmcBobbinCB)Floss Bobbin - Cardboard DMC (SKU: dmcBobbinCB)
Floss Bobbin - Chipboard - 25 (SKU: BobbinCB25)Floss Bobbin - Chipboard - 25 (SKU: BobbinCB25)
Floss Bobbin - Plastic DMC (SKU: dmcBobbinPL)Floss Bobbin - Plastic DMC (SKU: dmcBobbinPL)
Floss Bobbin Winder - DMC (SKU: dmcBobbinWinder)Floss Bobbin Winder - DMC (SKU: dmcBobbinWinder)
Floss Organizer (SKU: dmc6115-12)Floss Organizer (SKU: dmc6115-12)
Needle Organizer - DMC (SKU: dmc61136)Needle Organizer - DMC (SKU: dmc61136)
Needle Organizer - DMC Magnetic Needle Case (SKU: 61403needlecase)Needle Organizer - DMC Magnetic Needle Case (SKU: 61403needlecase)
Rings - 2 Inch Metal Ring (SKU: Ring2)Rings - 2 Inch Metal Ring (SKU: Ring2)
Rings - 3 Inch Metal Ring -  Bulk (SKU: Bulk3InRings)Rings - 3 Inch Metal Ring - Bulk (SKU: Bulk3InRings)
Rings - DMC1.5 Inch Metal Ring (SKU: DMCRing15)Rings - DMC1.5 Inch Metal Ring (SKU: DMCRing15)
Stitch Bow Binder Inserts (SKU: SB8914BinderInserts)Stitch Bow Binder Inserts (SKU: SB8914BinderInserts)
Stitch Bow Floss Holders (SKU: SBGC001A-NOT)Stitch Bow Floss Holders (SKU: SBGC001A-NOT)
Stitch Bow Mini Binder Inserts (SKU: SBU1335L-NOT)Stitch Bow Mini Binder Inserts (SKU: SBU1335L-NOT)
Stitch Bow Mini Travel Bag (SKU: SBU1299-NOT)Stitch Bow Mini Travel Bag (SKU: SBU1299-NOT)
Stitch Bow Roll Floral (SKU: SBU1637-NOT)Stitch Bow Roll Floral (SKU: SBU1637-NOT)
Stitch Bow Travel Bag (SKU: sbtravelbag2084)Stitch Bow Travel Bag (SKU: sbtravelbag2084)
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