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Special Order/Back Order Items

Special Order Items usually take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive; sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.

Odds and Ends
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Look at the ones he did for me!! 

When I special order for a customer, I frequently end up with 'extras' as I have to order bulk when I order wholesale.  I am listing some of those items here.  Remember, if you do not find what you need, let me know.  If I can get it from my distributor, I will special order for you.

Thanks for being a customer.

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Bag - Large Canvas Tote Bag - 18" x 16" (SKU: 1816totebag)Bag - Large Canvas Tote Bag - 18" x 16" (SKU: 1816totebag)
Bead Caddy - 6 (SKU: BC6-Not)Bead Caddy - 6 (SKU: BC6-Not)
Blue Sports Bottle (SKU: BlueSportsBottle)Blue Sports Bottle (SKU: BlueSportsBottle)
Clover Thumb Tacks with Remover (SKU: CloTacks-not)Clover Thumb Tacks with Remover (SKU: CloTacks-not)
Dritz Seam Ripper - Dritz (SKU: Dritz11045-not)Dritz Seam Ripper - Dritz (SKU: Dritz11045-not)
Easy Count Guideline - Cut XSing Time by 1/3 (SKU: ECG)Easy Count Guideline - Cut XSing Time by 1/3 (SKU: ECG)
Hot Pink Sports Bottle (SKU: PinkSportsBottle)Hot Pink Sports Bottle (SKU: PinkSportsBottle)
Kreinik Kid Leather Swatch Color Card Set (SKU: KKidLeather)Kreinik Kid Leather Swatch Color Card Set (SKU: KKidLeather)
Needle Grabbers (SKU: C2-NOT)Needle Grabbers (SKU: C2-NOT)
Quilters Thumb Tacks (SKU: QuiltTacks-not)Quilters Thumb Tacks (SKU: QuiltTacks-not)
Red Liner Treasure Tape 1/2" (SKU: TTape12)Red Liner Treasure Tape 1/2" (SKU: TTape12)
Red Liner Treasure Tape 1/4" (SKU: TTape14)Red Liner Treasure Tape 1/4" (SKU: TTape14)
Red Liner Treasure Tape 1/8" (SKU: TTape18)Red Liner Treasure Tape 1/8" (SKU: TTape18)
Red Liner Treasure Tape 3/4" (SKU: TTape34)Red Liner Treasure Tape 3/4" (SKU: TTape34)
Rings - 3 Inch Metal Ring -  Bulk (SKU: Bulk3InRings)Rings - 3 Inch Metal Ring - Bulk (SKU: Bulk3InRings)
Snowflake Ornament Frame - Large (SKU: SnowflakeOrnamentFrameLg)Snowflake Ornament Frame - Large (SKU: SnowflakeOrnamentFrameLg)
Snowflake Ornament Frame - Small (SKU: SnowflakeOrnamentFrameSm)Snowflake Ornament Frame - Small (SKU: SnowflakeOrnamentFrameSm)
Thimble:  Petite (SKU: 162pDritz-Not)Thimble: Petite (SKU: 162pDritz-Not)
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