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Kreinik Micro-Ice Chenille

Kreinik Micro-Ice Chenille 

Kreinik’s Micro Ice Chenille is a light-reflecting, crystal-type chenille. It is one-half the size of regular ice chenille. Great for cross stitch, needlepoint, crazy quilting, crochet, knitting & fly fishing.

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KMIC007 - Pink Ice Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICPink02)KMIC007 - Pink Ice Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICPink02)
KMIC032 - Opal Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICOpal01-032)KMIC032 - Opal Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICOpal01-032)
KMIC05-Black Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICBlack05)KMIC05-Black Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICBlack05)
KMIC10 -Pale Yellow Ice Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICPaleYellow10)KMIC10 -Pale Yellow Ice Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICPaleYellow10)
KMIC11 - Citron Micro Ice Chenille (SKU: KMICCitron11)KMIC11 - Citron Micro Ice Chenille (SKU: KMICCitron11)
KMIC12 - Fern Green Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICFernGreen12)KMIC12 - Fern Green Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICFernGreen12)
KMIC14 - Rootbeer Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICRootBeer14)KMIC14 - Rootbeer Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICRootBeer14)
KMIC15 - Mallard Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICMallard15)KMIC15 - Mallard Micro-Ice (SKU: KMICMallard15)
KMIC17 - Peacock Micro-Ice (085) (SKU: KMICPeacock17)KMIC17 - Peacock Micro-Ice (085) (SKU: KMICPeacock17)
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