Crystal Braid

Crystal Braid Thread (40% Off)

Crystal Braid Thread (40% Off)
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Reduced 40% ($4.99 to 2.99) per card
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Crystal Braid (Made in Japan, Distributed by Rainbow Galleries)


Crystal Braid has a unique icy pearl look that shimmers. There are 3 golds and 7 pastel colors. This braid is a number 12, or tapestry weight. This means that there is 12 strands of metallic braided together. It is a very sturdy yarn and will not unravel or fray easily. There are no special cautions you need to take with this yarn and it can be used wherever you would use any #12 braid
(needlepoint 18 count, long stitch 22 count, cross stitch 11 & 14 count)

From Card:
55% Nylon, 45% Polyester
10 Yards (9.1 Meters)
Hand Washable, Test First
Needlepoint 18ct
Cross Stitch 11-14ct
Long Stitch 22 ct

I have a few colors available, and will special order any other colors you need.  Special order items take a minimum of 2 weeks to obtain.  If you would like to special order other colors, include the color in the comments section of the order form.  

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