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Caddisfly Pupae

Caddisfly Pupae

Designed by Al Hafner

Materials Needed:
Hook: #12 - 16 Tiemco 2487, Mustad 3906
Thread: 6/0 Black
Body: Kreinik Fine (8-015) or Medium Braid (12-015) Caddis Larva Green (015)
Head: 1/8 inch brass bead
Collar: Peacock Herl

Tying Directions:
1. Pinch barb down and slide bead on to eye. The bead adds weight and make the fly drop head first into the water. If using this fly without a bead head, fish with a sink tip line and a short leader.

2. Tie on the body material. If your using Medium Braid: tie in at bend of hook, wrap to head and tie off. If your using Fine Braid: tie in at head, wrap to bend and return to head, then tie off.

3. If desired, a collar can be tied in between the bead head and the body braid, using one strand of peacock herl. Tie off and add head cement. This collar is needed if a bead head is not used.

Emergent Pupa Version: Do not use a bead head. Add a marabou or hackle collar to simulate wings and legs. Add a small peacock herl collar.

Other body colors often used for this pattern are: Red (003), Emerald (009HL), Copper (021), Brookie (034), Bronze (052HL), and Mallard (850).

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