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Special Order/Back Order Items

Special Order Items usually take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive; sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.

Charms and Buttons

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Shamrock Charm (SKU: Shamrock Charm)Shamrock Charm (SKU: Shamrock Charm)
Small Flag Heart Button (SKU: SmFlagHeart86125)Small Flag Heart Button (SKU: SmFlagHeart86125)
Small Navy Round Button (SKU: MH86276-B)Small Navy Round Button (SKU: MH86276-B)
Small Red Heart Button (SKU: SmRedHeart86009)Small Red Heart Button (SKU: SmRedHeart86009)
Small Speckled Brown Heart Button (SKU: MH86266-B)Small Speckled Brown Heart Button (SKU: MH86266-B)
Small Speckled Brown Round (SKU: smspeckledbrown86)Small Speckled Brown Round (SKU: smspeckledbrown86)
Small White Folkart Heart Button (SKU: SmWhiteHeart86250)Small White Folkart Heart Button (SKU: SmWhiteHeart86250)
Snowman Button (SKU: MH86003-B)Snowman Button (SKU: MH86003-B)
Spruce Flourish Diamond  Button (SKU: SpruceFlour87038)Spruce Flourish Diamond Button (SKU: SpruceFlour87038)
Star Fish Charm (SKU: StarFishCharm)Star Fish Charm (SKU: StarFishCharm)
Stocking with Trees Button (SKU: MH43027-B)Stocking with Trees Button (SKU: MH43027-B)
Turtle Charm (SKU: TurtleCharm)Turtle Charm (SKU: TurtleCharm)
TuTu Charm (SKU: TuTuCharm)TuTu Charm (SKU: TuTuCharm)
Uncle Sam and Stars Pin (SKU: UncleSamPin)Uncle Sam and Stars Pin (SKU: UncleSamPin)
Very Small Blue Star Button (SKU: StarButtonVSmBlue)Very Small Blue Star Button (SKU: StarButtonVSmBlue)
Very Small Brown Star Button (SKU: StarButtonVSmBrown)Very Small Brown Star Button (SKU: StarButtonVSmBrown)
Very Small Red Star Button (SKU: StarButtonVSmRed)Very Small Red Star Button (SKU: StarButtonVSmRed)
Very Small White Star Button (SKU: StarButtonVSmWhite)Very Small White Star Button (SKU: StarButtonVSmWhite)
Very Small Yellow Star Button (SKU: StarButtonVSmYellow)Very Small Yellow Star Button (SKU: StarButtonVSmYellow)
Wheat Flourish Diamond  Button (SKU: WheatFlour87037)Wheat Flourish Diamond Button (SKU: WheatFlour87037)
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