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Coastal Motifs

Coastal Motifs
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Coastal Motifs Cross Stitch Patterns
Designed by Jeanette Crews Designs, Inc; Alma Lynn

Cross Stitch Charts for a variety of motifs (Stitch Count in parentheses w x h)
Seagulls (28x25)
Anchor (20x32)
Turtle (16x16)
Beach Kids (36x43)
Seascape (54x28)
Beach Umbrella (32x26)
Crabby But Cute (49x20)
Born to Fish (forced to work) (72x46)
Fish (37x18)
Sailing Sailing (33x31)
By the Sea (by the beautiful sea) (54x57
Octopus (49x41)
Flamingo (26x62)
Seahorse (21x45)
Lighthouse (24x35)
Sandcastle (41x43)
Small Seahorse (8x12)
Sun (32x30)
Palm Tree (38x44)
Sunbather (46x27)
By the Sea (23x19)
Swimmer (35x31)
Beach Baby (30x63)
Surfer Dude (29x58)
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