Needlepoint Now 2009/3 May Jun - 75% OFF

Needlepoint Now 2009/3 May Jun - 75% OFF

Needlepoint Now 2009/3 May Jun - 75% OFF
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Normandy Topiary by Kelly Clark

An interview with popular canvas designer Kelly Clark. Kelly gives us a glimpse of the life of a canvas designer and mom and shares with Needlepoint Now readers one of her newest designs. Just in time for spring we have Normandy Fuschia Topiary. This project is guaranteed to give you spring fever.

Back Cover: Ode to Callaway by Marnie Ritter

In honor of 35 years of teaching and learning at Georgia’s Callaway School of Needle Arts, Marnie is sharing one of her very popular piece. Including flowers, butterflies and a chapel this is wonderful treat to stitch.

Butterfly Contest - Page 20: Joyce Lukomski is back and reporting on the butterfly contest that was held at the 2009 Callaway Gardens School of Needle Arts. The top ten winners give flight to the butterfly with their needles and threads.

The Bold and the Beautiful Bargello - Page 24: The third installment of our popular series by Liz Morrow teaches us how to design 4-way bargello into a rectangle.

Joy of the Painted Canvas - Page 27: Rosalyn Cherry-Soleil shares her Chinese drama masks with us. The bold colors and wonderful stitches are sure to inspire us all.

Possibilities - Page 34: Judy Harper dreams up more possibilities by creating needlepoint from some of her favorite children’s art. Judy makes it easy to transfer the memories of your children’s art into heirlooms that will be cherished forever.

What’s new? what’s hot? - Page 40: Kathy Paterson caught up with Rainbow Gallery to find out what new fibers, books and gadgets they have in store for us lucky needlepointers.

From the Bookshelf - Page 41: Suzanne Howren reviews two new books: A – Z of Embroidery Stitches 2 and A – Z of Goldwork with Silk Embroidery, both from Country Bumpkin Publications, and also Amy Bunger’s latest DVD, How’d You Do That? Barely There.

Jody’s Needlepoint Network… A New Way To Connect - Page 36: Each day brings new technology to help us find answers to our questions. With her “Facebook” Jody Williamson-Valentine invites you to join her for her continuing magazine classroom.

The Basics Gold or Platinum for you? - Page 43: Patricia Parra, one of our new writers, gives us a lesson on a variety of different metals used to produce needles and factors that produce an excellent needle.

Blogging - Page 44: What is blogging? Let us explain it to you and then turn you loose onto some really fun websites. Welcome to the blogosphere.

Meet the Spinster Stitcher - Page 46: From Blog Queen to Needlepoint Now’s newest contributor, meet Coni Rich and her little dog Stewey as they poke fun at themselves and make light of the needlepoint obsession.
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