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I place orders on 1st or 3rd Friday of each month.  If the distributor has the item, I can fill my orders about 1-1/2 weeks later.

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001-012 Variegated Paternayan001-012 Variegated Paternayan
100 Taupe Paternayan100 Taupe Paternayan
200-204 Steel Gray Paternayan200-204 Steel Gray Paternayan
209-213 Pearl Gray Paternayan209-213 Pearl Gray Paternayan
220-222 Black/Charcoal Paternayan220-222 Black/Charcoal Paternayan
236 - Gray Paternayan236 - Gray Paternayan
260-263 White/Cream Paternayan260-263 White/Cream Paternayan
300-304 Violet Paternayan300-304 Violet Paternayan
310-314 Grape Paternayan310-314 Grape Paternayan
320-327 Plum Paternayan320-327 Plum Paternayan
330-334 Lavender Paternayan330-334 Lavender Paternayan
340-344 Periwinkle Paternayan340-344 Periwinkle Paternayan
350-354 Fuchsia Paternayan350-354 Fuchsia Paternayan
400-406 Fawn Brown Paternayan400-406 Fawn Brown Paternayan
413 - Earth Brown Paternayan413 - Earth Brown Paternayan
415-419, 487 Biscuit Brown Paternayan415-419, 487 Biscuit Brown Paternayan
430-436 Chocolate Brown Paternayan430-436 Chocolate Brown Paternayan
440-445 Golden Brown Paternayan440-445 Golden Brown Paternayan
453 - Khaki Brown Paternayan453 - Khaki Brown Paternayan
460-465 Beige Brown Paternayan460-465 Beige Brown Paternayan
470-475 Toast Brown Paternayan470-475 Toast Brown Paternayan
502-503 Federal Blue Paternayan502-503 Federal Blue Paternayan
510-515 Old Blue Paternayan510-515 Old Blue Paternayan
520-525 Teal Blue Paternayan520-525 Teal Blue Paternayan
531 - Blue Spruce Paternayan531 - Blue Spruce Paternayan
540-546 Cobalt Blue Paternayan540-546 Cobalt Blue Paternayan
551 Ice Blue Paternayan551 Ice Blue Paternayan
564 -Glacier Paternayan564 -Glacier Paternayan
569-572 Navy Blue Paternayan569-572 Navy Blue Paternayan
573-579 Turquoise Paternayan573-579 Turquoise Paternayan
580 -Sky Blue Paternayan580 -Sky Blue Paternayan
590-595 Carribean Blue Paternayan590-595 Carribean Blue Paternayan
600-605 Forest Green Paternayan600-605 Forest Green Paternayan
610-615 Hunter Green Paternayan610-615 Hunter Green Paternayan
620-624 Shamrock Paternayan620-624 Shamrock Paternayan
630-635 Spring Green Paternayan630-635 Spring Green Paternayan
645 - Khaki Green Paternayan645 - Khaki Green Paternayan
650 - Olive Green Paternayan650 - Olive Green Paternayan
660-666 Pine Green Paternayan660-666 Pine Green Paternayan
674-679 Green Apple Paternayan674-679 Green Apple Paternayan
680-687 Peacock Green Paternayan680-687 Peacock Green Paternayan
691 - Loden Green Paternayan691 - Loden Green Paternayan
696-699, 705-707 Christmas Green Paternayan696-699, 705-707 Christmas Green Paternayan
702 -Butterscotch Paternayan702 -Butterscotch Paternayan
710 - Mustard Paternayan710 - Mustard Paternayan
720-727 Autumn Yellow Paternayan720-727 Autumn Yellow Paternayan
732 - Honey Gold Paternayan732 - Honey Gold Paternayan
740-745 Tobacco Paternayan740-745 Tobacco Paternayan
755 - Old Gold Paternayan755 - Old Gold Paternayan
760-764 Daffodil Paternayan760-764 Daffodil Paternayan
770-773 Sunny Yellow Paternayan770-773 Sunny Yellow Paternayan
810-815 Sunrise Paternayan810-815 Sunrise Paternayan
823 - Tangarine Paternayan823 - Tangarine Paternayan
840-846 Salmon Paternayan840-846 Salmon Paternayan
850-855 Spice Paternayan850-855 Spice Paternayan
864 Copper Paternayan864 Copper Paternayan
900-907 American Beauty Paternayan900-907 American Beauty Paternayan
910-915 Dusty Pink Paternayan910-915 Dusty Pink Paternayan
920-925 Wood Rose Paternayan920-925 Wood Rose Paternayan
930-935 Rusty Rose Paternayan930-935 Rusty Rose Paternayan
940-948 Cranberry Paternayan940-948 Cranberry Paternayan
950-955 Strawberry Paternayan950-955 Strawberry Paternayan
960-964 Hot Pink Paternayan960-964 Hot Pink Paternayan
967-972 Christmas Red Paternayan967-972 Christmas Red Paternayan
Paternayan Color Card PrintedPaternayan Color Card Printed
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