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Special Order/Back Order Items

I place orders on 1st or 3rd Friday of each month.  If the distributor has the item, I can fill my orders about 1-1/2 weeks later.

Jobelan & Laguna

Jobelan Fabric is available in a variety of counts and a variety of colors.  I have a small inventory, but will order the fabric immediately if I do not have it in stock.  I generally place an order with this vendor every week.   

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20 Navy Lugana20 Navy Lugana
25 Lambswool Jobelan25 Lambswool Jobelan
25ct White Lugana25ct White Lugana
28 Beige Jobelan28 Beige Jobelan
28 Cmas Green Jobelan28 Cmas Green Jobelan
28 Ivory Jobelan/Lugana28 Ivory Jobelan/Lugana
28 White Jobelan28 White Jobelan

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