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Special Order/Back Order Items

I place orders on 1st or 3rd Friday of each month.  If the distributor has the item, I can fill my orders about 1-1/2 weeks later.

Jobelan & Laguna

Jobelan Fabric is available in a variety of counts and a variety of colors.  I have a small inventory, but will order the fabric immediately if I do not have it in stock.  I generally place an order with this vendor every week.   

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20ct  Navy Lugana20ct Navy Lugana
25ct Lambswool Jobelan25ct Lambswool Jobelan
25ct Lambswool Jobelan25ct Lambswool Jobelan
25ct White Lugana25ct White Lugana
28ct  Antique White Lugana28ct Antique White Lugana
28ct  Navy Lugana28ct Navy Lugana
28ct Beige Jobelan28ct Beige Jobelan
28ct Ivory Jobelan/Lugana28ct Ivory Jobelan/Lugana
28ct Jobelan Cmas Green28ct Jobelan Cmas Green
28ct White Jobelan28ct White Jobelan

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