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Distributors may require a minimum order.  I will order back order and special order items as quickly as I am able.

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1800 Man - Pre-Stitched1800 Man - Pre-Stitched
1800 Man Red Coat - Pre-Stitched1800 Man Red Coat - Pre-Stitched
25 Years Announcement  14 ct25 Years Announcement 14 ct
A Friend In Need Needlepoint Canvas - 14 ctA Friend In Need Needlepoint Canvas - 14 ct
A is for Apple Needlepoint Kit - BeginnerA is for Apple Needlepoint Kit - Beginner
Acorn Mini StockingAcorn Mini Stocking
Acorn Mini Stocking With HollyAcorn Mini Stocking With Holly
April Baby 18 ctApril Baby 18 ct
Aries Brick Cover - Pre-StitchedAries Brick Cover - Pre-Stitched
August Baby 18 ctAugust Baby 18 ct
Baby and Bunny 12 ctBaby and Bunny 12 ct
Baby Announcement/Frame Green 13 ctBaby Announcement/Frame Green 13 ct
Baby Announcement/Frame Pink 13 ctBaby Announcement/Frame Pink 13 ct
Baby Announcement/Frame Yellow 13 ctBaby Announcement/Frame Yellow 13 ct
Baby Bear Announcement/Frame 14 ctBaby Bear Announcement/Frame 14 ct
Baby Mini StockingBaby Mini Stocking
Ballerina Needlepoint 14 countBallerina Needlepoint 14 count
Beachy T ShirtBeachy T Shirt
Beginner D Is For Doll KitBeginner D Is For Doll Kit
Beginner E Is For Elephant KitBeginner E Is For Elephant Kit
Bird House LighthouseBird House Lighthouse
Birthday Cat 18 ctBirthday Cat 18 ct
Birthday Dog 18 ctBirthday Dog 18 ct
Bodice Purse Needlepoint 18 ctBodice Purse Needlepoint 18 ct
Botanical Pod Needlepoint Canvas - 18 ctBotanical Pod Needlepoint Canvas - 18 ct
Bows Shoe Flaps Needlepoint - 18 ctBows Shoe Flaps Needlepoint - 18 ct
Bunny and Butterflies Needlepoint - 13 ctBunny and Butterflies Needlepoint - 13 ct
Butterfly and Floral Bell Pull Needlepoint - 14 ctButterfly and Floral Bell Pull Needlepoint - 14 ct
Butterfly BunnyButterfly Bunny
Carolina Panthers Mini StockingCarolina Panthers Mini Stocking
Celebration Kitty Needlepoint Canvas - 18 ctCelebration Kitty Needlepoint Canvas - 18 ct
Chief Big John StandupChief Big John Standup
Chili Peppers Belt Needlepoint Canvas - 18 ctChili Peppers Belt Needlepoint Canvas - 18 ct
Circus Clown Stamp Needlepoint - 13 ctCircus Clown Stamp Needlepoint - 13 ct
Clemson Mini StockingClemson Mini Stocking
Clown Face 10 ctClown Face 10 ct
Clown Performing 13 ctClown Performing 13 ct
Coaster Set Needlepoint Canvas  - 18ctCoaster Set Needlepoint Canvas - 18ct
Country Frame 18 ctCountry Frame 18 ct
Cupid's Bow and ArrowCupid's Bow and Arrow
Dancing AnimalsDancing Animals
Dandie Dinmont 18 ctDandie Dinmont 18 ct
December Baby 18 ctDecember Baby 18 ct
DMC Light Effects Metallic 317WDMC Light Effects Metallic 317W
DMC Metallic Silver -DMC5-5283DMC Metallic Silver -DMC5-5283
Duck DecoyDuck Decoy
Eek Witch Needlepoint - 10 ctEek Witch Needlepoint - 10 ct
Elephants Trunk 18 ctElephants Trunk 18 ct
F For Frog With Boy 13 ctF For Frog With Boy 13 ct
Fishing Easter Egg Frame  Needlepoint - 18 ctFishing Easter Egg Frame Needlepoint - 18 ct
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